Endive salad with apples, walnuts and blue cheese

215 CZK


Lettuce salad with duck prosciutto, oranges, pistachios and brioche

255 CZK


Slightly smoked veal tartar ©2012

295 CZK


Snails à la Burgundy

half dozen 180 CZK / dozen 360 CZK


Home smoked salmon with horseradish, mustard and quail eggs

295 CZK



Celery creamy soup with poached egg and truffle

165 CZK

Beef consommé with liver dumplings

155 CZK



Chef´s signature dish

Butter roasted veal sweetbreads with chestnuts, yolk croquette and autumn truffle

695 CZK


Main courses

Baked quail with apples and bun stuffing with pistachios

395 CZK


Veal schnitzel with potato purée

395 CZK


Roasted trout fillet with Grenaille potatoes, spinach leaves

and Beurre Noisette sauce

345 CZK


Tournedos Rossini, filet mignon, foie gras and Périgueux sauce

695 CZK



Side dishes

Potato purée

Boiled Grenaille potatoes

85 CZK



Curd ravioli with plum jam, gingerbread, pears and walnut ice cream

1 ks 85 CZK/ 2 ks 165 CZK


Pumpkin cheesecake with mandarin sorbet

195 CZK


Flambé chocolate ball with mint foam, lemon sorbet and pistachios

295 CZK