Lettuce salad with crunchy bacon and sweet-sour dressing

135 CZK


Tomato salad with basil and onion Cipolla di Tropea

185 CZK


Baked catfish pickled in sweed and sour vegetable

215 CZK


Slightly smoked veal tartar ©2012

295 CZK


Wild Argentine shrimps baked with herb butter

3ks 295 CZK / 5ks 495 CZK


Grilled octopus with sauce Vierge

  295 CZK



Soup of the day

85 CZK


Beef consommé with liver dumplings

155 CZK


Main courses

Corn chicken roasted on butter with oriental pilaf

½ 195 CZK / celé 360 CZK


Roasted trout fillet with Grenaille potatoes, spinach leaves and Beurre Noisette sauce

305 CZK    


Veal schnitzel with potato purée

395 CZK


Milkfed lamb shoulder and saddle on marjoram with mashed peas and dried tomatoes

455 CZK


Side dishes

Potato purée / Boiled Grenaille potatoes

85 CZK



Homemade sorbets selection

75 CZK


Strawberry dumplings with whipped cream cheese

1 ks 85 CZK/ 2 ks 165 CZK


Rhubarb compote with lemon sorbet and meringue

125 CZK


Milk rice with cherries, pistachio and dark chocolate  

195 CZK