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Famous visits

Serge Dubs

Serge Dubs is one of the world's best sommeliers. We truly appreciate his visit of Kalina Restaurant.

Patrik Berger a Vladimír Šmicer

Soccer fans might know Patrik Berger, who used to play for Liverpool and Sparta. Vladimír Šmicer was a midfielder for Liverpool and Slavia.

Eva Herzigová

Restaurant Kalina was visited by this beautiful supermodel Eva Herzigová. We're looking forward to meeting you again!

Markéta Hrubešová

Markéta Hrubešová is a lovely Czech actress, who plays in a TV show called Ulice or movie Jak básníci neztrácejí naději.

Jan Kraus a Ivana Chýlková

If you watch Czech TV, you must know this actor, moderator and playwriter Jan Kraus, who was accompanied by friends like actress Ivana Chýlková.

Miroslav Donutil

One of the most popular Czech actors visited Kalina Restaurant and definitely did not seem unhappy!

Jean Reno

You can know this French actor Jean Reno from movies like: Pink Panther, Wasabi, Ruby and Quentin or The Da Vinci Code. Wonderful person.

Majk Spirit a Marek Lončák

Famous Slovakian rapper Majk Spirit visited our restaurant with his friend Marek Lončák. Thanks for coming!