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About Us

Kalina cuisine & vins opened on November 14th, 2012 as a mutual project of head chef, Mirek Kalina and sommelier, Vít Hepnar. Our goal was to offer first class dishes harmoniously supplemented with carefully selected wine.

Our cuisine is genuine and honest. A refined meal will always appear on your place. This is what we call the new Prague cuisine.  At lunch time, you can choose a quick, tasty and healthy lunch. Then, for dinner, you can choose from a special menu made up of several courses.

The cooperation of the head chef and the sommeliers is a matter of fact. Our wine collection is primarily focused on champagne and other French wines. However, the wine list offers the best selection of other wines from European regions.

The interior is simple and genuinely designed.  The atmosphere is highlighted by drawings on the walls by Toulouse-Lautrec.

Riedel glasses will make your experience ever more powerful.

We look forward to your visit.

Mirek Kalina and Vít Hepnar


The essence of the cuisine is simple yet perfect. The recipes come from traditional French and Czech cuisines, occasionally influenced by elements of the modern cuisine, always incorporating the head chef’s distinct style.

A new lunch menu daily, always prepared from the best ingredients available at the time. The objective is to keep the offer diverse.

The permanent menu, which offers the best of Mirek Kalina’s creations, is enriched with a daily offer of fresh fish. The permanent menu is partially modified every two to three months. The whole offer is supplemented by seasonal specialties.


A substantial part of the restaurant’s focus is on offering the perfect combination of the taste of food with the best selection of wine. This is also why the restaurant relies on its sommeliers, not only on Vít Hepnar but also on the upcoming young generation of sommeliers.

A selection of over 300 types of wine from traditional European winemakers is a guarantee that even an experienced wine connoisseur will either find his favorite brand or will be recommended a new experience. The extensive offer of carefully selected house wines, including champagne is a guarantee of a pleasant experience, be it only from one glass of wine.

Vít Hepnar

Vít Hepnar began his career in a French restaurant of the council house. As a sommelier, he fully established himself in one of the most popular restaurants in Prague in the 1990s, Rybí trh. Consequently, he became the co-founder of the gourmet restaurant, Le Terroir. He has won many awards in sommelier contests during his career. He considers the Trophée Ruinart and the Burgundy Grape to be his top accomplishments. Vít Hepnar is a member of the Wine& Degustation monthly committee, to which he also regularly contributes. He is also a partner of Gourmet Services, s.r.o., an importer of selected French wine and supplier of exclusive buffets.

Mirek Kalina

Mirek Kalina worked as head chef or on other positions in leading Czech restaurants like Bazar, Aqua, Kampapark, Šípek Bistrot, ADA and the Hoffmeister hotel restaurant in Prague. He has taken part in a number of international apprenticeships, including three Michelin star restaurants -   ORO in Norway, Krone (*) in Germany (*)  and primarily in the legendary three-star Les Prés d‘Eugenie with a famous head chef and one of the founders of nouvelle cuisine (new French cuisine), Michel Guerard.